How do I check my SPM Results?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 07 Mar 2018
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At this moment, we can almost guarantee that many if not most of you are simply dreading (or excited, different people have a completely different perspective on this) to get your results. To accommodate your number of 443,883 2017 SPM candidates, you can expect things to get a little hectic today and that is why we’re here to bestow upon you the three fantastic and quick ways to get your results (excellent tips to grab your results if you’re feeling too nervous!): at your school, online, and even via SMS.

At your school

SPM results released in Malaysian schools

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This is a really old-school way of checking your results with little hassle and time wasted. The crowd may be a little scary but your school is likely to have different stations at the ready for different classes in dealing with the traffic. Of course, you don’t have to be out as early as 10 am to get your results, you can always ask a representative to collect them on your behalf. All you need them to do is to provide your IC number to the staff or teacher holding your results slip.

Check Online

Checking SPM results online

Another method which may be convenient to many is to check for your results at the Ministry of Education’s website at 10 am. Here are the easy-peasy steps to obtain your results:

a. Go to MOE’s Semakan Keputusan Peperiksaan website

b. Key in your IC number (no spaces or dash needed) and then your examination number (Angka Giliran)

c. Click on the little button  “Papar Keputusan” - which will display a brief peek at your results. What this means is that you might still need to head over to your school to get the actual detailed one.


How to check SPM results via SMS

Another convenient way is to check it by SMS between 10 am on March and 6 pm on March 21.


Good luck, students, and we hope for the best results! Don't forget to get in touch with us for any assistance regarding your application.

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Posted on 07 Mar 2018
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