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SINGAPORE – Learning’s never restricted to the classroom at Raffles!

In-line with our pedagogy of innovation through creativity, a group of Raffles Singapore students from Animation and Games Design visited the DreamWorks Animation Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum on 10th September 2015, led by Raffles Creative Practitioner Federico FIORE.



And it was an immersive and eye-opening experience indeed, with a series of insightful tours, creative workshops and of course, film screenings of much-loved blockbusters – in addition to amazingly interactive digital experience featuring over 400 numerous rare and never-before-seen original concept drawings, models, artworks and displays from DreamWorks’ world-renowned works and collections.

The highlight of the trip however, was perhaps several specially-recorded interviews with top DreamWorks Animation artists, which provided our budding Raffles Designers with great insight into the brilliant minds behind the creative processes of the world-class animation studio.

Summing up the trip, Raffles Creative Practitioner, Federico FIORE said: “The exhibition deepened our students’ understanding of the extensive research behind the pre-production phase of an animated feature, and provided insights into the process of creation of the various elements used to enrich the animations such as particles effects and liquid simulations. It has also been a unique opportunity to observe original artwork from the animation studio, including paintings, clay and 3D printed maquettes.”

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