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Yale University

United States

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

6 years, 9 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? As one of Top 10 World Universities, I can say that Yale has the most qualified academic life compared to other universities in another countries. They have a high academic standard as well as quality teachings to ensure that their graduates have "go-international" reputation. According to various sources and websites, Yale offers a wide range of study options. Like most universities, most study options are done on-site, although Yale also have a wide range of cooperation with several free online course platforms to conduct their courses online. I have undertook one of Yale's online courses in Coursera that discussed on Financial Markets and Institutions.....and, it was terribly coughdifficultcoughcough. You have to listen to the professor carefully, I mean--very carefully--or else, you will miss the entire subjects. You are also advised to read more books that are related to the subject you've chosen. Creative thinking and independency are prized in this university, even for the online-based courses. Thankfully, I pass with 85% grades on Yale's Financial Market and Institution course. What are the students like? Although Yale is considered to be a private university, it's still one of the Top 10 World's Universities according to many university rankers such as QS World University Ranking. Since Yale is considered to be one of Top 10 Universities, it is no surprise that it has a huge amount of students' population, whether it's a local or international student. Nowadays, there are many US-based scholarships that offer full tuition, accomodations, and paid living expenses per month for international students who want to study anywhere in US (including Yale). These scholarships' popularity have increased since then, that it is easy for academically outstanding international students to enter Yale. In the end, this also made Yale's whole students population to about 80:20 International vs. Local students, so, it's quite the opposite to the one that is posted in this website. In Yale's online courses at either Edx or Coursera, though, there are nearly 100% international students population, since those courses can be obtained for free (without certificate) or $15-$99 (with certificate). What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. Yale has a very wide selection of social and sport extracurriculars; however, those are not frequently heard compared to the more inclusive community life. According to Yale's website, it is common for students to be involved in social-based community and organizations. International students have their own special groups that held various kind of activities and seems to value solidarity above anything else. Indonesian students who have received either US-based or local scholarships for studying abroad also have their own community both inside Yale and in the whole US. They really love their country and they always make positive contributions to their home country while studying. Perhaps that's all I can tell, since I am only studying online and not in Yale itself. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? I would say that everyone can try to join Yale University. For those who are eager to study in an incredibly competitive university, try to lodge your application letter in Yale. You will be more than proud once you've graduated, since it's one of the Top 10 World's Universities for almost any kind of subjects. Alternatively, since the entrant can be very competitive, it is considerable to go for free online courses in either Edx or Coursera. Some of their free courses are also available for credit transfer once you decided to study anywhere located in US or another English speaking countries. In addition, you will also benefit for more technical knowledge on your chosen subjects when you choose to study online with Yale, as well as the certificate of completion. In Coursera, you can request for Coursera's financial aid, however, be sure to highlight your future plans and contributions regarding to your desired course, or, you might get kicked out.

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