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Williams College

Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States
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About Williams College

Established in 1793, Williams College is a private liberal arts College. It is located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States. With an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 2,000 students, Williams College has three academic divisions, which include languages and the arts, social studies, science and mathematics. The academic year consists of two four-course semesters plus a one-course January term.

Williams offers great financial aid programs for international students, in addition to admitting U.S. students without regard to their ability to pay. Every admitted student’s financial need for four years will be met by the College upon receiving admittance. Williams generously granted 510 bachelor's degrees as well as 35 master's degrees in 2008 alone. The staggering cost of tuition and fees for 2010–2011 added up to $52,340; while 53% of students were given need-based financial aid, which totaled to $46,006.

Forbes has ranked Williams College as the best undergraduate institution in the United States in 2010, 2011, and 2012, while staggering ahead of Amherst, Swarthmore .Williams was also proudly ranked first in U.S. News & World Report's 2011 list of Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the nation and  ranked seventh in the 2010 Washington Monthly rankings, where  focus is on key academic outputs such as research, scientific grants won in the natural and social sciences and the number of B.A. graduates earning Ph.Ds.

Williams College places great emphasis on learning, which is emphasized by The Williams Tutorial Program. This program offers students to take responsibility for their intellectual capacity and development. Through the Experiential Courses and programs offered at Williams, students are challenged to become more personally engaged in their learning through fieldwork and special projects.

Campus information

Williams College which is a 450-acre campus along with 2,900 outlying acres, also including the Hopkins Memorial Forest (2,600 acres). It houses over 170 academic, athletic, and residential buildings including the new Williams College Child Care Center, Schapiro Hall, Hollander Hall, and the Paresky Center which is equipped to enable every student to get the most out of their study experience at Williams College.

It has the following facilities;


1.      Libraries

Library Services include research and reference assistance, user education, and automated access to the collection and more than 350 databases. It has 906,454 volumes in the Sawyer and Schow Science libraries and 65,847 in Chapin Rare Books Library. Its resources include approximately 232,500 books, bound periodicals, and auction sales catalogues, with current journal subscriptions totaling 670.


2.      Information Technology

The campus is has both wired and wireless access to central systems and servers and to the Internet. The Office for Information Technology (OIT) provides computer services, equipment, and infrastructure to serve the academic and administrative needs of the college. Around 1500 computers are given access by OIT across campus, of about 500 of which are available in student accessible labs. The OIT staff bears 80 electronic classrooms, four media studios and 19 public computer labs.


3.     Dining Services

 Dining is a true experience at Williams College, as it offers a wide array of exciting meal plans to choose from. It operates three dining halls, two snack bars, and a grab ’n go lunch program in addition to the Faculty House/Alumni Center, a catering operation, vending, and the college mail room.


4.      The Williams Multi Cultural Centre


This center serves as an opportunity in linking communities and molding individuals. It provides a space for transformative interactions that contributes to the advancement of diverse social identities. The Center supports critical thinking, enables meaningful dialogue and promoted multilateral exchange..


5.     Health Services


The Thompson Health Center, located at 105 The Knolls (the end of Hoxsey Street), is the on-campus health facility to meet your health-care needs. The staffs of skilled clinicians, educators and support personnel provide care and education to keep the campus society well, and provide quality treatment to all recipients’.


Williamstown is located in the Berkshires in northwestern Massachusetts, 135 miles from Boston and 165 miles from New York City.


Courses available 10

Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Creative Arts & Design 1 English Language 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 6


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