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Wichita State University (WSU)

Wichita, Kansas, United States

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

3 years, 11 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? I had a great experience attending Wichita State University for my undergraduate degree. I was able to get an internship in my career field that lead me to many new opportunities after graduation. The professors are always willing to help if you have any questions and the university has many resources available to students as well! What are the students like? There is a place for anyone that comes to WSU because we have such a variety of students who attend. There are many student groups that you can join and be involved with. Everyone is super welcoming of new students and are interested in getting to know you! What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. As mentioned before, there are so many different student groups to get involved with but we also have a department called Student Involvement. They host many events each week to give the students activities to do.. for free! From bowling and movie nights to trips to different cities, they do it all! There are also many sports teams that you can go and watch. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? I love Wichita State University. They have a lot to offer to their students and alumni. The campus continues to grow and expand - it's a great thing to be a part of!

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