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About this course

Residence and Course Loads

The graduate program will require a minimum of six quarters in residence at UCSC preceding the qualifying examination. Before taking the qualifying examination, students will be expected to enroll for 10 course credits per quarter.

Language and Research Methods

Each candidate shall develop with his or her adviser language and method requirements appropriate to the student's project, graduate education, and career goals. These specific requirements are subject to approval by the student's adviser. As an example, if a student's research were to employ ethnographic methods, training in languages as well as course work in qualitative and/or quantitative methodology would be expected. For a different kind of project, quantitative methods might appear more salient, mandating course work in statistical analysis, survey research techniques, and related subjects.

Progress Towards the Degree

Our program is intended to lead to a Ph.D. in politics. All curricular requirements are aimed at preparing students for timely and successful completion of a doctoral dissertation. The graduate curriculum in politics includes six stages: (1) three 'Core Seminars' and the 'Logics of Inquiry' seminar; (2) eight other graduate-level courses, at least five of which must be politics courses, along with further training (as appropriate, in languages and methodology); (3) teaching assistant (TA) seminars and graduate colloquia; (4) a qualifying examination consisting of written and oral parts; (5) the research and writing of the dissertation; and (6) its oral defense. Each of these is explained in turn in what follows.