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University of California, Berkeley

United States

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

5 years, 1 month ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? I didn't study on-site, but, I've subscribed on their Philanthropy online courses and have attended their seminars on my campus. At that time, BEAR Assessment Center, one of UC Berkeley's facilities, was delivering a seminar on how to design and build an ideal educational model. In addition, I've also searched on the official website and compared the ranking in QS World's University ranks. I have no doubt about the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)'s education and facilities' quality since it's located in the US and it is not only internationally-recognized but also a benchmark for the world's educational standards. The UC Berkeley's academic life is mainly focused on excellence in various research topics. Several of UC Berkeley's programs are directly linked to various academic websites, making it easy for future students to access important information, such as the deadline for admission in UC Berkeley. My personal favorite program on UC Berkeley is Master of Social Welfare. It is fully accreditated by the American's Social Work Council, and it enables the students to work in several social communities. According to QS World Ranking 2016, UC Berkeley is ranked 2nd in the world for Social and Education programs. Not to forget that UC Berkeley provides a competitive amount of financial aid programs for any faculties in UC Berkeley, and 65% of the students receive financial aid. What are the students like? Due to its unquestionable reputation and educational quality, no doubt that the students in UC Berkeley are almost always respectful, honored and has higher employment rate than the other universities. According to the latest survey by LinkedIn, most graduates work in reputable companies, such as Google or inside UC Berkeley itself. I personally know one student who was studying at UC Berkeley, majoring in Dietetics and Nutritionist program, and she is extremely brilliant. She has extensive knowledge on all about nutritions. In her profile, she described in a detailed and thorough manner of what she learned in UC Berkeley, including her nutritions research she is doing. In addition, when I read about the student life on their official website, I immediately get the impression of timely students who are always punctual. Computer literacy is also unquestionable among students and lecturers, as UC Berkeley has extensive ICT usage for almost every of the activities, from the registration process to doing the assignments. For internal students, bCourses is the online platform for submitting assignments or read information about university/faculty. You need to input your student ID and password in order to enter bCourses. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. When they are not studying, UC Berkeley students are known for their social behavior. It is evident for their many contributions to social hubbubs and activities. They have LEAD teams as their main maneuver for social activities. LEAD teams are similar to Boy/Girl Scouts or American Youth Red Cross, in which students are divided into teams that will learn leadership qualities as well as sending their team members to various locations all over the world to promote LEAD according to LEAD's vision and missions. Just like any other non-profit organizations, LEAD has held many seminars and conferences relating to people, activism, and social welfare programs. Other than LEAD, several UC Berkeley's students are also involved in many volunteering activities. Public Service Center and Student-to-Student Peer Counseling are two of volunteering activities' bases that students can reach. In Public Service Center, a student will learn on how to lead and develop non-profit organization as well as develop one's own communities. Personally, I thought Student-to-Student Peer Counseling is interesting since it enables students to get to know each other better and have intimate relationships as well as professional connections. Sports life among students are also noticeable, especially on basketball and baseball teams, but, UC Berkeley seems to be more centered on social activities rather than sports life. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? I can't question the whole educational systems, researches, lecturers' and students' quality and students' life outside the university since I've never physically studied there. I also love to get involved more in their Philanthropy University program that I've mentioned earlier in the review. It's one of UC Berkeley's means to get people with middle-lower income level to be involved in their fun, engaging educational processes. They even invited several reputable speakers and lecturers for the Philanthropy University. One of them is Erik Simanis, Partner at TIL Ventures, Ithaca, New York, who taught Financial Modelling on Social Sectors. I really appreciate their effort on getting everyone involved in their top-notch educations. For those who want to study in UC Berkeley, make sure that you also look upon other unique degrees as well as the ever-popular degrees on their official websites, such as Business, MBA, Engineering, Law, or even Social Sciences and Educations. Try looking Master of Range Management, that will give you the opportunity to work in conservation easements and wildlife habitats. Who knows, maybe one day, you could be a part of WWF's conservatory teams? Studying about East Asians on Bachelor or Graduate degrees will also be interesting, especially studying on their diaspora and religions.

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