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About St.Michael’s College

At St. Mike's, incredible thought and consideration into what our understudies realize, and how they learn it. Whether you're contemplating the earth, the worldwide economy, new media, brain science, organic chemistry, world religions or bookkeeping, you'll be taught by master workforce who will guide you, enlighten your profession and life ways, support your gifts and test you to investigate your qualities. 

Browse more than 30 majors; each is grounded in an important liberal studies educational module. That implies you're going to find out about our reality, past, present and future. You'll think about things you'll require a long time from now, and things you'll review a long time from now. You'll basically look at issues, tackle dynamic and cement issues, and think for yourself, while remembering others. 

A Saint Michael's instruction is a four-year encounter that will change the way you see and watch over the world.

Our faculty acclaimed researchers, creators, performers, students of history and executives. Also, they are here to show you: each course is taught by an educator, not an instructing right hand. Our understudy staff proportion is 12:1, with 1:1 prompting with a teacher in your field of study and direction with your coursework as well as your arrangements for what's to come.

Administration to the group and to all mankind is at the heart of St. Mike's. More than 70 percent of our understudies take an interest in administration, mirroring our enthusiasm for and history of social justice. You can investigate most profound sense of being through retreats and grounds service projects, and place confidence without hesitation with broadened administration trips.

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