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Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

6 years, 7 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? When I was a Freshman in Senior High School, I have had a huge passion for Psychology-related subjects and intended to enroll in the Psychology program of Harvard University. This might make most of readers here laugh since (almost) every people certainly want to study in Harvard. But, at that time, I really have this burning passion to study Psychology, especially on human personality/typology subjects. I am fascinated by the Multiple Intelligences theory that was created by Howard Gardner, (one of the) Harvard's alumnus in 1966-1971 (so, the information in front of this page that stated Harvard was found in 2012 is irrelevant). In my opinion, the theory that he created is really useful in acknowledging one's own self, so that we know that every humans are born smart. As I've stated in the context story on the first paragraph, Harvard University, as one of the world-class ranked universities, tend to emphasise on its' research development. Researches are something that are really regarded in Harvard's academic life, not only in the Psychology department, but also in all possible departments. As the world's Top 3 university, it is normal that academic life in Harvard is extremely competitive, especially in the Engineering department. This department will appraise future students in nearly everything: Academic performance, leadership potential, and another acquired soft skills. What are the students like? According to the MBTI Personality Typology survey, most Harvard students' personalities are NTJ (ENTJ or INTJ). Commonly speaking, students who belong to these personality types tend to have incredibly high leadership potential, beside that, they also can construct a fascinating set of strategies. They usually are also have a structured and systematic approach of planning, ambitious, and always try to do their best to accomplish their goals, no matter what lies beyond them. It's true, as I have said before, that it is unusual for Harvard students to bear those characteristics. Harvard University, according to one of the sites that measure on the different universities' acceptance rate, only has 6% of acceptance rate. It means Harvard only choose 60 from every 1,000 registrants, by letting them to enter a series of incredibly tight selection processes. Some faculties and programs even conducted interview processes and written exams as part of the selection process. Don't forget that there are also GMAT, SAT, GRE, and many more. Even when the selected candidates have officially become Harvard students, it's difficult for them to get A. Those conditions make it unsurprising for Harvard students to still have the competitive spirit afterwards. The high tuition fee in Harvard make more students aim for scholarships, which are usually fully-funded. I have a friend who has studied in Harvard, and he has a magnanimously strong leadership skill. Despite on being currently 23 years old, he has built a medium-to-large scaled social foundation in Jakarta. For your information, we met in my campus, at that time, he was one of the speakers in the seminar that I've attended. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. Harvard students are also socially-inclined students. They have been involved in many voluntary activities in and outside US. Additionally, they also have an adequate amount of experiences and qualifications in and outside campus. These rich experiences made them become renowned company's strongest assets once they have entered the marketplace. Don't forget, as one of the universities with most Indonesian-based scholarship awardees, Harvard also has an Indonesian Student Association. Back then when I was aiming to enter the Psychology department of Harvard, I have also seek the datas regarding Indonesian student associations in Harvard. I remembered that I have previously reviewed on the strong bonds of Indonesian Student Associations that can be found in several countries, however, I would like to say that Harvard's Indonesian Student Association is more colorful and has more variations in their activities, not only big on the dances nor bazaar/food presentations. Even one of the English Language Doctoral students whom I know from the downloaded IELTS learning application is also fluent in both spoken and written Indonesian thanks to Indonesian people who have taught him. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? Harvard is certainly a campus with a world-class education quality, not to forget that their research and society's contributions are also unmatchable. However, as far as the obtained quality goes, Harvard's selection process are crazily difficult that everyone who want to enroll in Harvard, either by scholarship or self-funding, should study extra hard. However, if you have done your best in studying extra hard and you still can't make it into Harvard, don't get upset--there are still another 94% candidates who get rejected. Moreover, in MOOC platforms such as EDX (, Harvard also gives free online courses for many kinds of subjects. When I tried to look for philanthropy-related courses in Youtube, I have also found an estimatedly 23 minutes length course video from Harvard.

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