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Why Study in California Intercontinental University

Affordable Tuition

California Intercontinental University’s tuition rates are among the lowest of higher education institutions in the United States. We are committed to providing a high quality education with a greater return on the investment of our students. We also offer a variety of scholarships and interest-free financing help students manage the cost of their education.

Accessible & Flexible Programs

Our 100% online degree programs and flexible learning style is designed to accommodate the working student. The vast majority of our students are professionals with management positions seeking to advance their career with the competence and requisite degree level.


California Intercontinental University adds personal touch in a virtual world by connecting with students on an individual basis to promote success and overcoming barriers to educational progress. The university has a robust support network of faculty, tutors, and advisors, to assist students with each step towards their educational goals.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

California Intercontinental University is a university built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are an institution that fosters innovation and progress by equipping students with confidence and skills necessary to turn their ideas into opportunities.

Courses Offered



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About California Intercontinental University

California Intercontinental University (CIU) is an online distance education institution of higher learning dedicated to the study of Business Administration and Management that promotes quality learning, critical thinking, and the discovery of new knowledge for the benefit of diverse business communities. We strive to admit motivated and committed students who, through their academic accomplishments, will become successful business managers, executives, leaders, researchers, and consultants.

CIU offers relevant, in-demand accredited online programs designed to enhance each student’s professional career. CIU is committed to equip the next generation of business professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs with the confidence, qualifications, and competence to succeed in the global business community and economy.

We are a student-centered institution that adheres to the highest principles of integrity, ethical standards, fairness, and academic excellence in online education. The CIU purpose is to promote and support innovative online educational opportunities through distance study, critical research, and quality service to students.


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