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Augustana College - Illinois

United States
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About Augustana College - Illinois

Augustana College is a private, selective liberal arts college ,a 115-acre campus near Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois.

Augustana's focus on creating a comprehensive experience for students which had also generated an environment of learning that goes beyond the classroom. In addition to working closely with their professors on special projects and research, students will benefit from visiting scholars and lecturers as well as international study opportunities.

The Augustana community offers students opportunities to be more than scholars, through hundreds of student interest groups and activities, tools and resources to discover their paths in life.

Campus information

At Augustana first through third year students are required to live in College housing. This may be significantly different than other schools' housing programs, but the facts is that on-campus residency enhances student educational experience on many levels. In fact, national studies indicate that students housed on campus tend to graduate within four years, perform better academically, and generally connect better to campus life. And, these studies don't begin to address how you grow personally within our vibrant, dynamic communities.

Augustana provides several services for their students. Services include: campus ministries, career center, student counseling, academic advising, student employment, business office, food services, safety office, campus security, computer services, and campus recreation.

Augustana College located in Rock Island, Illinois. The historic town is just off Interstate 80, almost midway between Chicago, 165 miles to the east, and Des Moines, 176 miles to the west. Airline and bus connections are within easy reach of the campus.


Augustana's campus is residential, which means most students live where they learn: on this 115-acre wooded, hilly campus in the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River. As a senior, you will be prepared to make the transition into off-campus housing in the neighboring community.

If you live in Seminary Hall, you may be able to look out your bedroom windows and see the fully cast fossil of Cryolophosaurus ellioti in the Fryxell Geology Museum. If you live in Westerlin or Erickson, you can head to the PepsiCo Recreation Center without your coat--or just use the new AugiePlex in Westerlin. And if you move into a Parkander TLA apartment on the ridge as a junior, you'll have more independence, but still be able to see the lights of the Tredway Library and The Gerber Center reflecting in the Slough at night.


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Accounting and Finance 1 Applied and Pure Sciences 2 Computer Science and IT 1 Creative Arts & Design 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 4 Mass Communication & Media 1


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