Study Computer Science and IT in the United States

Computer Science will teach you everything about applications, software, and programs while information technology teaches how to use and control those things

The world is moving at it fastest phase, thanks to technology. We are now in the era of 5G, receiving information in micro seconds.

Are you someone who is creative minded that also loves coding, a tech savvy and loves playing around with data? Then you may be interested in furthering into computer software and IT.

Computer science and IT is a field of study of processes that involve data and that can be represented as a data in the form of programs. It is an art that teaches the computer what to do. It enables the use of coding to manipulate, store and communicate digital information.

Given the pervasiveness of computer technology in the society today, the field of Computer Science and IT has been growing higher, and on demand for talented IT professionals.

Why US?

A country that has a lot to offer
Studying in the United States could possibly be almost everyone’s dream. From NewYork Time Square to Hollywood. US has it all. Over the past decades US has tremendously developed and enhanced their education system. Studying in US means you are going to the universities in the centre of the world.

Home to giant companies
US is probably the home to giant companies like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook that are headquartered in US. They are the fastest leading economy that leads the other developing countries.

A top class education
You will also receive top class education from the universities, as they provide lecturers well educated and well equipped. You will not be surprised to have Mark Zuckerberg being the guest lecturer for the day. Let’s admit it.

Most of the World Ranked Best institutes are in US, giving birth to computer science and IT magnates like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. Having US in your curriculum vitae is going to add a few brownie points when employers are on the lookout for suitable employees.

Travel while studying
Apart from that, studying in US would open another window for travelling. Grand Canyon, Hollywood, long desert roads, beautiful mountains, four seasons. Explore the country’s hidden gems while you are studying there and realise your dreams to travel the world.

It is always a plus point to travel while you are still free and young. It is often hard to travel when you are committed to work in the future.

Plenty of scholarships and study grants
US offers plenty of scholarships to international students to pursue higher education and work there later on. US has a track record of receiving one million international students per annum studying there. The US government typically welcomes International students to pursue Masters Degree at their local universities.

With the country’s high cost of living, students can be assured that their living costs and tuition fee will be taken care of, given that they possess impressive results and achievements to win the scholarships.

Become a permanent resident (PR)
For those who are planning to move out of their home country to live in a totally new place, not only it widens their horizons. Working there could open up more opportunities to become a permanent resident (PR) in US.

US government grants the Green Card privilege for up to 50,000 immigrants yearly under the United States’ Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Lottery program.

What are the skills needed?

It all takes the right skills to become successful in what you are doing. Here are the top skills to possess if you want to be a successful computer software and IT major.

Problem solving skills
A computer scientist works with myriads of data and codes to program. Computer science and IT professionals are the doctors to the computers. In nature, this profession is to solve the problems that come with the software. This could not be easy and could be a lot complicated in real life.

Thus a computer science major should be able to solve problems and be analytical in the first place.

Sharp memory
Computer science and IT is all about dealing with complex sequence of programming. It could be all scattered and further scramble up your brain. Hence, it is required to remember everything in sequence.

A little tips to sharpen your memory. Eat foods enriched with nutrients and get sufficient sleep.

Work under pressure effectively
Are you someone who always hurries in the last minute? Then maybe you will the potential one. Bill Gates once said that, ‘give a task to a last minute person and he will complete it twice as quicker than a normal person. This is the art called effective laziness. You also need to think from a lazy person perspective because programming is all about automating the bigger way to a simpler and quicker way.

Creative minded
Are you someone who loves something not the norm? You like to be innovative and creative? To be an efficient problem solver you need to be creative minded.  You need to think out of box to solve the problems in a creative manner.

You need to understand that before succeeding with a proper solution you will fail many times. While it deals with complexity, problem-solving could as equally challenging. To be determined and resilient is part of the process in this field.

How long will I study in this programme?

The study duration could vary from one institute to another. However, as a general estimate, we have compiled a general estimate of the duration according to the study levels and qualifications.

Study Levels Duration
Foundation/A Leveles 1 year
Diploma 2 years
Bachelor's Degree 4 years
Master's Degree/PhD 1-4 years

What are the entry requirements and qualifications ?

To successfully get admission into a US degree or pathway programme, students must meet the minimum academic and entry level English language requirements.

However, requirements could vary according to institutions. We advise you to refer to the institutions directly for more details.

  • Foundations / A levels / ADTP in Computer Science and IT
  • SPM with minimum 5 passes
  • Pass 4 relevant subjects in STPM, including English
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and IT
  • Completed any relevant American Degree or any equivalent International Degree with minimum CGPA 2.5, completed Masters Degree and/or PhD from a recognised American Institute or any equal International Institute.

English Language Requirements :

  • TOEFL score 61
  • IELTS score of 6.0 (no bands below 5.5)
  • Kaplan iBT 61
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)  53

How much are the average tuition fees?

The average tuition fees for Computer Science and IT can vary from one institute to another according to different levels and qualifications. Here’s the average estimated tuition fees below:

Programme Estimated Fees
Foundation/ A levels RM15,000 - RM30,000
Bachelor's Degree RM65,000 - RM150,000
Masters, PhD RM75,000 - RM 115,000

What are the job opportunities in Computer Science and IT?

There are a number of job possibilities for the computer science major. The right job will be dependent on your personal skills, preference and personality.

Here are the career choices available for Computer Science and IT major:

Career Estimated Monthly Income
Software Developers RM3,300
Database Administrators RM2,600
Computer Hardware Engineer RM3,800
Computer System Analyst RM3,800
Web Developer RM3,500
Information Security Analyst RM4,000
IT Project Management RM4,000

Universities in US that offer Computer Science and IT programmes

The US remains the top favourite country for many international students to further their higher education in. In addition, Computer Science and IT has been on trend in US and on high demand worldwide. For those who are interested to pursue Computer Science and IT in the US, below are some of the notable institutions that offer the course and are also ranked the best in the World Ranking.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is ranked 1st for computer science and has also been world’s leading university in the overall QS World Ranking for five consecutive years. The University is well known for its large and well equipped computer science faculty.

Stanford University

Ranked #2  for both computer science and in the overall World University Ranking for the year 2018. Its setting near the Silicon Valley makes it unique and exclusive than the other renowned universities.

University of Washington

Uni of Washington is ranked 18th in the world and 8th in the US for computer science. It is also known as the country’s premier research-intensive university. It’s Paul G.Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering was opened in year 2003 and named after the business magnate and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Harvard University

Hardvard University is ranked #4 in the world’s latest computer science and IT ranking. Famous computer magnates such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have studied here.

University of California (UCLA)

University of California (UCLA) is ranked 13th for the course computer science ranking in the year 2018. Its computer science faculty is named the ‘birthplace of the internet’ as the first transmission that would later become the internet was sent from this university hall.


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