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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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4 years, 2 months ago
What are the students like? Frankly speaking, every student has different characters. I've met with many students in the university and I had also made friends with them. I can't say much but one thing for sure is that Taylor's students can really spend their money well... Like honestly, money isn't an issue for them. Even though they can spend their money well, it doesn't mean their arrogant, naughty or irresponsible, it's just that they have the capability or luxury to do so. But when it comes down to exams, you can definitely see every student studying. No place is empty when it comes to the exam. Students here are also very active in such ways that there's always events going around the campus. There's always booths in front of Student Life Centre (SLC) promoting their upcoming events. One thing for sure is that students care a lot about their fashion here. I mean who doesn't care about their images right? Students would wear clothes that are not so appropriate in cold Lecture Halls all the reason because they're keeping up with the trend and would freeze to death as long as they look good in it. How is the academic life at this university/college? Well currently so far I'm only studying Foundation in Business (FIB), Semester 1, in Taylor's University and honestly speaking it's really very carefree. The course work given aren't that heavy and there's really much free time to spend. It doesn't really stress you much as there's really nothing much to do. Since it's only foundation, the courses and teachings provided by the lecturers are quite vague. We don't really get into detail until degree starts which are after you selected the path you wish to walk down to. As a FIB student, I couldn't say the same for other courses for I have not experienced any of them but what I can say is that some courses really makes the student to study in order to score well for their CGPA. The library is constantly filled with students studying and is sometimes hard to get the spot we want as it is always occupied. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. OWH MA GAWD, when students are not studying? You won't see them on campus at all... They'll definitely rather be and elsewhere than stay on campus and do nothing. One of the reasons is that Taylor's restaurants are all based on universities prices, therefore, it's fairly expensive. Students who would like to chill or hang with their friends usually gets out of campus to find cheaper alternatives. The only reason they would be in campus compound if they're studying is either they have things to settle or they're just there to find friends from other courses. Well, you can also find them at Taylor's courts, there's always students there playing their respective sports. Not a single day gone by without seeing anyone playing at the court and the most active time students will be there is during the evening when all the classes have ended and they got all the time in the world to play and practise. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? Overall, I would say Taylor's University & College is a good place. It has a diverse amount of things you can do. There's always a lot of events to join, too. This can expose you to many things but the catch is you would only be affected if YOU take the initiative to join these events and see things you've never seen before and experience them for yourself. Lecturers here are great especially the one's that taught me since they're the only lecturers I've met with so far. And again, they're always great if and only if YOU take the initiative to ask them questions when required and seek guidance from them. Their facilities here quite good as well, though there are times they do disappoint you, I repeat AT TIMES only. The amount of students in uni is just a lot... To keep the place maintained at all time is not easy and I would say they're doing great to keep it at a stable point. Trust me, people who think this place is big, it's not big at all. It's all in the mind...

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