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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

5 years ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? Many of the people might think that Bachelor in Primary Education(Hons.) is the easiest course compare to other courses in Taylor's University. As a current student who studying in School of Education, I can say that every course has own difficulties and challenges. With passion and willingness to learn, I trust everyone can success! What are the students like? Everyone is an individual. As every student has their own personality and character, there is no good nor bad student. Just treat everyone sincerely! What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. Some of the students would chill and relax themselves at the Synop Mall. Synop Mall is a small shopping mall with restaurants such as Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Face to Face Pan Mee, Old Town and etc. There are also shops such as 7-Eleven, stationery shop and last but not least, RUEMZ hotel. Other than that, some of the students would involve themselves in sports, club and societies. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? Everyone will learn something different in Taylor's University!

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