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INTI International College Subang

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

2 years, 5 months ago


1. Offering a wide range of programs to choose from. They are offering easy route for students in terms of giving the option of 4+0 Degree programs that does not require students to take pre-u studies such as A-levels or diploma, straight to Degree. 2. Caring and hardworking lecturers. Studying in INTI prove to me that lecturers are not just somebody who guides us in the class but someone who will be there to guide us in terms of preparing us for the working world in the future by offering intensive training such as Internship and Career Development classes for selected programs. They also help to send student resumes out to company in order to further enhance the opportunity looking for potential jobs. #stoneage #iics.easyuni19


Update on the BB app. When it was first introduced, it was working fine but up until last year, it started to deteriorate where there are many students who are not receiving any notifications when there is a new announcement made on BB by lecturers. This can cause student to fall behind on certain info as the only way to connect with the lecturer is through them telling us the info via BB. Some lecturers do not like to use Facebook and WhatsApp due to students calling / messaging them at the wrong time. #stoneage #iics.easyuni19

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