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INTI International College Subang

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

2 years, 7 months ago


- Many co-curricular activities are available. Lacks variation though. - Friendly lecturers. Some of them are quite helpful and provide lots of feedback if you ask. - Comfortable study environment with several facilities. This is probably the best perk of INTI. - Stationed in a super convenient area. LRT station for transportation, many places to eat, has banks, supermarkets & convenience stores, etc. - Has lots of different types of events. - Generally a good university to look forward to if you like fun.


Note: This is a review for FOUNDATION level. I am taking foundation in Business&IT. - Bad system. My CGPA was lowered SEVERELY because certain subjects only have assignments and no final exam. You know the thing about assignments. They can always rig your marks if they want to. However, I heard that they are getting rid of this system starting from the next batch. All subjects will have exams. Guess I'm the unlucky person. - Very hard to score in subjective subjects like aforementioned. Sadly the weightage for final exams and coursework marks are 50/50. Definitely go for A levels if you are good at exams. I totally regret not taking A levels, but foundation in Business & IT is easier for me(I am a science student, and there are 2 subjects which are easier versions of additional maths plus my English is good so I have no learning difficulties) so I guess it's still a decent trade. - Quality of lecturers is not quite good. One of my lecturers, in particular, was using bad teaching methods. Many students couldn't understand how to score. A con of students here: - Not sure if it is bad luck because of my course, but the majority of the students in my class are lazy. They always do assignments at the last minute and underperform. In the end, goodbye marks. I am satisfied with the university in general, but it's a bad experience for foundation. It is super stressing although the course is supposed to be easier since it's not science. Hope my planned UOW external degree will be better since it's not totally INTI.

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