Study Sports Science in Ireland for Malaysian Students

A science covers how a healthy human body works in relation to performing physical activities

When you hear the word ‘sports’, perhaps the most common thing that goes through our head is the movement of parts of our bodies through gymnastics, football, swimming and other sports activities. 

In related to science, sports can be learned and is not always about the physical movement to be more healthy and fit. All this can be learned through sports science studies. 

This field is still yet to explore as it is not as common as other fields studies, such as economics and engineering.

Even so, graduates from a sports science course will have the demand in the world of the workforce, especially in the medical and physiology arena. 

Studying sports science overseas will give you a whole new studying experience that poses a new set of challenges. 

One of the countries that offer the best sports science course would be Ireland. 

What is Sports Science all about?

Sports science is a study that covers how the healthy human body should work during exercise and how physical activity and sport promote health and performance physically, socially, and mentally as a whole.

This study combines many other fields of studies, such as psychology, physiology, engineering, chemistry, anatomy. This is due to medical studies being the underlying purpose of sports science.

Sports science will also let you have knowledge in basic medical science, such as pharmacy, biophysics, physiotherapy, nutrition, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology.

Besides learning about physical health, sports science also covers methods to treat mental issues, how to manage sports-related injuries and the suitable sports that are suitable to one’s physical condition.

Studying sports science in Ireland will give you a high-quality learning experience, both academically and practically.

Why study Sports Science in Ireland?

Similar to other popular courses, sports science course has its own reasons as to why you should take it in Ireland.

The medical and physiology sector in Ireland is highly crucial and will need a lot of manpower.

  1. It’s a fresh, new, untapped field of studies

Sports science is considerably new in Malaysia as there is still a low trend in taking up the course. Despite that, this course is highly regarded as technological advancement and the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow.

  1. Career opportunity that is derived from your interest

Who says that only a limited pool of people is interested in this field? If you must know, this course has become a fashion for some students to gear their career in, with the aim of being able to help athletes with their routines.

  1. Range of career options

Becoming a graduate of sports science degree will give you an opportunity to choose an all-round career choice that you can eventually specialise in. After graduating from this course, you will be able to become a coach, agent, personal trainer or work with the government under the nation’s sports ministries.

What are the characteristics and skills needed for Sports Science course?

Before entering higher education, you may also need to assess your characteristics and skill set to better prepare yourself and align them to your career goals.

Here are the characteristics that sports science course students should have:

  • Diligent
  • Independent
  • Likes to do research
  • Structured thought process
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team player

What will be taught in Sports Science course in Ireland?

Has your interest in studying Sports Science in Ireland heightened?
Now it’s time to learn more about the kind of subjects that are commonly found in the course.

  1. Physiology
  2. Psychology
  3. Neurophysiology
  4. Biomechanical
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Psychophysiology
  7. Biokinetics
  8. Anatomy
  9. Muscle mechanics and immunology
  10. Sports and environment
  11. Doping
  12. Nutrition and dietary

The above list gives a brief preview of what sports science course is like. For further information, you may refer to the respective university’s website or inquire through EasyUni!

Entry Requirements

Each university has different entry requirements and the list below does not generalise the entry requirement of universities in Ireland as a whole. 
Undergraduate/ Bachelor’s Degree

  • A-Level subjects with a score of 104 points. Ideal subjects would include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology.
  • English proficiency, such as IELTS (min. score of 6.0) or TOEFL (min. score 550)
  • Motivation letter
  • Online registration payment

Postgraduate/ Master’s Degree

  • Relevant working experience in the sports field, such as trainer, physiotherapy, or any other occupation that falls under the sports science field.
  • Qualification certificate, such as CSCS, UKSCA
  • English proficiency, such as IELTS (min. score of 7.0) or TOEFL (min. score 650)
  • Updated CV
  • Online registration payment

What are the top Universities in Ireland for Sports Science course?

The table below showcases the top universities in Ireland for their sports science course, according to QS Universities:

  1. University College Dublin
  2. University of Limerick
  3. National University of Ireland
  4. Dublin City University
  5. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
  6. Institute of Technology Carlow
  7. Royal College of Surgeon Ireland
  8. Institute of Technology Tallaght
  9. Waterford Institute of Technology

How long is the duration of studies for Sports Science course in Ireland?

Usually, the length of studies taken to complete sports science courses in Ireland is similar to Malaysia. 

The duration of studies will depend on the level of studies that is taken. 

Foundation 1 year
Bachelor’s Degree 4 years
Master’s Degree 1-2 years

What is the career outlook for Sports Science graduates from Ireland like?

After graduating from a sports science course in Ireland, the alumni typically already have a rough idea on the field that they want to work in that should suit their academic background.

That way, you can extract information on the career and salary that the medical and sports field can offer.

According to exercise-science, graduates of sports science course from Ireland typically get to work in the following professions:

  • Exercise physiologist, work to analyse the fit condition of a patient in order to maintain their desired fitness level
  • Fitness centre manager, work to multitask on various things, from recruitment to training of staff, and all administration work in a fitness centre
  • Personal trainer, work daily to train athletes and clients routinely to optimise their exercise and minimise chances of injury
  • Sports administrator, work to do administrative work of certain sports club
  • Sports coach, responsible to plan, manage and convey the activities that individuals and teams need to work on. Coaches will train the right techniques and tactic in each game
  • Sports therapist, work to utilise their theoretical and practical knowledge to help aid any sports-related injuries as well as advising ways to prevent them.

What is the salary outlook for Sports Science careers like?

The wage that you will make while working in the sports science field in Ireland is comparatively high, but it is not the same across, depending on the occupation.

The below table showcases the different types of jobs that a graduate from sports science in Ireland and the expected salary according to PayScale:

Average Salary in MYR/year
Exercise Physiologist RM 161,000
Personal Trainer RM 156,000
Sports Coach (Professional sports club) RM 158,000
Sports therapist (physical therapist) RM 210,000

*As per the exchange rate in 2019


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