Study Engineering in Germany

Forty types of engineering degrees with approximately 10 different job fields, thus plenty of choice!

When people think of excellence in engineering, people think of Germany. From its venerable history in the theoretical understanding of physics, to its world-renowned engineering industries, Germany offers engineering students a great chance to develop their skills both inside and outside the classroom. Those who are interested in studying any aspect of engineering should look no further than Germany.

Germany offers a wide range of engineering programs for students to study, such as Engine Building, Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, just to name a few. Students will have the ability to learn great theoretical knowledge from world-class professors, and they will also get hands-on training at various internship programs throughout Germany. For those from different parts of the world who wish to understand and appreciate Western culture, there is no better place to learn than in Germany. For centuries Deutschland has been at the center of Western philosophy, the arts, and science. Germany is also the current economic heart of the Euro Zone. And, of course, learning the German language can only help distinguish you in today’s competitive global economy.


Eligibility Requirements

If you are applying to study engineering in Germany at a university level, you will need to submit the Abitur grade, or whatever final test you took from secondary school in your home country. Technical colleges, however, only require a degree in a relevant field of study for your program. You may be asked by your university to show proficiency in math, as well as submit your reasons for taking an interest in your field of choice. You must check if the courses at your school of choice will be taught in English or in German. If they are taught in German, you must show proficiency in the German language by taking a state-recognized language test. If they are taught in English, you should submit a score from a test such as TOEFL.


Cost of Studying Engineering in Germany

The cost of going for higher education in Germany will depend on where and what you apply for. For example, private German universities can charge up to €20,000, but some public universities require only an enrollment, confirmation, and admission fee, which would be around €250. If you are looking into a Master’s program in Engineering, and if you earned your B.A. in another country, you can expect prices that go up to €30,000 a year for private institutions. As said earlier, prices vary greatly depending on what university you are looking into. Please check with the official website of whatever school you wish to attend, and also inquire into the various scholarship programs Germany can offer you to help with tuition expenses. 


Universities in Germany with courses in Engineering

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