Study Business and Management in Germany

Currently, the field of study drawing many students to Europe is Business and Management. People want to travel to Germany to get their undergraduate degrees in this field.

People should specifically consider studying Business and Management in this country because a Business and Management degree opens many opportunities. Two of the top careers for 2016 were predicted to be personal financial advisors and marketing managers. Obtaining your Business and Management degree can lead you into these profitable fields.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to study Business and Management in most European countries, you need to obtain a visa and proof of financial records. You also must pass a university entrance qualification. In certain countries, you may have already taken an exam upon exiting secondary school that qualifies for German universities. Please ask your previous institution. You also need proof of health insurance.

Cost of Studying Business and Management in Germany

The cost to study in Germany varies depending on the university you choose. Programs range from EUR 12k to EUR 20k per year. However, scholarships are available for some students in Germany.

Students should also factor in extra expenses when preparing to study abroad. For example, Germany is known for its amazing cuisine. You will want to set aside extra money for food. Lodging, transportation, and school supplies should also be considered. You can never be too prepared!



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