Where do most Malaysians study overseas?

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom
Universities in the UK continue to welcome more Malaysian students to continue their tertiary education in their country. Institutions such as the University College of London, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick and the University of Sheffield are the leading universities that recruit international students. 

Malaysia is among the top non-EU countries sending students to the UK for higher studies. In 2013-14, there are 16,635 students, a significant increase from the previous 15,015 in 2012-13. Read 8 Tips every Malaysian student traveler must know



Country 2013-14 2012-13
China 87,895 83,790
India 19,750 22,835
Nigeria 18,020 17,395
Malaysia 16,635 15,015
United States of America 16,485 16,235
Hong Kong SAR 14,725 13,065
Saudi Arabia 9,060 9,440
Singapore 6,790 6,020
Pakistan 6,665 7,185
Canada 6,350 6,190

Source: HESA First Statistical Release (2013-14)


Of the total 76,600 recorded Malaysian students in the UK, about 68,300 students are starting their first degree while nearly 5,000 are doing their postgraduate research and study. For more information, click Study in the UK 

In general, international students studying in the UK mostly take Business, Engineering, Law, Architecture, Mass Communications, Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science. Read Top 5 most affordable countries to study medicine


Australia offers international students a world-class education with more than 22,000 courses and 1,110 institutions. About 20,000 Malaysians choose to study in Australia every year, in schools, universities, vocational institutions and private colleges. 



Country 2013
China 150,116
India 49,265
Republic of Korea 27,580
Vietnam 26,015
Thailand 21,762
Malaysia 21,208
Brazil 17,554
Indonesia 17,131
Nepal 14,351
Pakistan 12,869

Source: Australian Education International 2013 International Student Enrolments Data


Institutions such as Monash University, RMIT University, Curtin University of Technology, University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong, University of Sydney and University of Queensland recruit a lot of international students. 

New South Wales and Victoria attract the largest numbers of international students. The other states and territories have smaller numbers of international students and smaller numbers of students overall. For more information, click Study in Australia


Germany is leading study destination for international students as its university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. There are about 450 state-accredited universities with some 17,500 degree programmes in Germany. Its universities offer degree programmes in every possible subject and academic level – bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees. 

To date, the country has 206,986 international students enrolled in its universities. Top German universities include Technische Universität München ranked 60th in the world, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg ranked 66th in the world, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München ranked 75th in the world. For more information, click Study in Germany

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United States
The US emphasises on education to unlock the potential in students, and as such, employs up-to-date technology, as well as extensive research and development. Courses from humanities and arts, maths, and sciences are in the forefront of their curriculum. 

Studying in the USA is a great chance to get acquainted with people from different countries, especially in schools situated in major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. That is why, in 2015, it has attracted 740,842 students. For more information, click Study in the USA

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