What to study for a career in content marketing?

By Jocelyn | Last modified 29 Sep 2022
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Did you know that in recent years, over 70% of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) students have expressed a lack of interest in pursuing tertiary education? 

While this may be supported by how expensive higher education can be, it may also be supported by what the younger generations are exposed to on a daily basis - social media. It's safe to assume that social media is now at the heart of many children's lives. From Instagram to Tik Tok, these youngsters found these apps fulfilling, but little did they know that they could build a career out of them. 

Content marketing, for example, is in high demand, while traditional marketing becomes less effective. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that promotes a business through a variety of creative mediums such as articles, videos, podcasts, and any other mediums you can think of. Aside from earning profits, content marketing will help you gain loyalty from your customers. If this sounds fascinating to you, continue reading as we share four study programmes that can help you narrow down your career path in this direction.

1. Marketing

You can never go wrong in pursuing a marketing degree because earning a marketing degree entails much more than studying about selling or advertising. It is where you will be able to learn all the theories and constructions that have been used to effectively handle a wide range of marketing concerns as well as worldwide challenges.

In addition to that, a marketing degree allows you to learn about current industry best practices and prepares you to implement them in real-world settings. Possessing such qualifications will also enable you to develop strategic and tactical skills in setting a business for success. That way, you can be an entrepreneur who appreciates content marketing intending to reach the right audiences.

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2. Business Studies

If marketing is not something you would enjoy, try business studies instead. Understanding various business disciplines allows you to broaden your talents because you are learning multiple disciplines that may come in handy when working across an organisation. 

This implies that when you work for a business one day, you can easily swap between human resources, accounting, finance and even operations. Furthermore, an undergraduate degree in business studies will equip you with a comprehensive basis of business knowledge that will assist you in honing your talents including content marketing.

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3. Mass Communication

Things only get better as your study in mass communication progresses. A mass communication degree will teach you how people want to be informed, educated, or entertained, not just by newspapers or magazines, but also by videos and podcasts, which are highly relevant to content marketing. Aside from that, you will learn how effective communication skills can help you advance in your work. 

Also, if you are an introvert, don't let that discourage you from enrolling in this programme. Introverts are very much valuable because they are good listeners, which makes them terrific communicators. In content marketing, in particular, introverts can be involved in composing written content like advertising copies and news pieces that can be published and distributed to specific audiences online and offline.

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4. Advertising 

If you consider yourself to be a creative thinker who enjoys seeing your ideas come to life, you may be a good fit for a programme like advertising. In a rapidly changing and competitive market, having an advertising degree allows you to be imaginative and forward-thinking, which is necessary for content marketing. 

Other than that, an advertising degree attempts to teach you how to use your creative ideas to delve deep into the minds of your target audience to discover what makes them tick all the boxes. Besides, there will be no scarcity of work as well because content marketing is in great demand, especially as global consumer marketplaces get more competitive over time. You can be assured that you will be properly compensated for your efforts.

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With more upcoming opportunities springing up throughout the content marketing industry, it goes without saying that a career in this field is both rewarding and fascinating. If you want one, look into these programmes; you might wind up with a solid career that allows you to establish a decent life not for anyone else but rather for yourself. 


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Posted on 29 Sep 2022
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