Ways To Improve Your English

By Nur Azre | Last modified 01 Nov 2019
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1. Find a way to practice English every day.

For example, writing a diary in English can help in accuracy and fluency as you are writing your thoughts. Also, learning new words from the dictionary helps in improving your vocabulary. Oxford dictionary contains 171,476 words, so about 10 – 20 words per study hour are recommended for you to memorize. At least memorizing one new single word makes it easier to express yourself in English.

2. Think in English. 

Learning to internalize the language can be a huge step towards learning the language. By internalizing, you are able to learn to the extent that you do not need to remember specific rules and pronunciations. This can be done by trying to remember single words or doing self-narrations. If you are unable to explain the name of a particular thing, you can get creative and think in English. This could be by using phrases such as “It’s the opposite of..., its similar to., it’s something you use to and etc. 

3. Using mainstream media to polish English.

There are a lot of movies out there that students can watch and understand by enabling the subtitle option. This can help them to retain and understand the proper use of English. As there are many different types of movies, the students can watch whatever their preference is and simultaneously learn English. There are also tons of videos on YouTube which allow students to learn and improve their command on English. Highly qualified teachers on YouTube such as Mr. Bruff make a lot of informational videos that can be very beneficial for the students. 

4. Make an English-speaking friend.

Having a friend whose native language is English can be helpful in improving pronunciation, oral comprehension, and overall speaking skills. Having someone to speak to regularly can help you to master the English language. If you do not have any English-speaking friends, you could join an academy where you could teach someone your native language in exchange for their guidance in learning the English language.


Posted on 01 Nov 2019
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