UCSI Officially Launches SDG Green Campaign

By Nur Azre | Last modified 06 Sep 2019
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Hello, green warriors! Are you celebrating World Environmental Day? Our friends across the globe are doing it in their own unique ways and we wouldn’t be more delighted to share how we did it on our campus.

The official launching ceremony for our SDG Green Campaign was held last week to celebrate the staff teams and students’ contributions to the environmental dimensions of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Here are some recaps of our activities on the day.

We were honored to have YBHG Dato’ Nor Hisham bin A Dahlan, Kuala Lumpur City Mayor with us at this momentous event. In his speech, our guest of honor made some remarks about UCSI’s efforts in supporting SDG through the adoption of green corners around the campus and the launching of national mySeni Painting Competition 2019.

Our ceremony was then carried on with sharing sessions by recipients of Green Awards and Certifications. In their presentations, the recipients shared about how their events have played a role in promoting education for sustainable development among the youth. Some of these events include Tiered Planter Workshop, Palm Oil Student Ambassador Programme, and International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 2019 (ICMBB 2019).

Here’s a lovely photo was taken of all the award recipients on the day with our honorable guests and UCSI Group Founder and CEO, Dato’ Peter Ng.

Congratulations, everyone!

The ceremony ended with insightful closing remarks by Rosemary Morrow (Rowe), the pioneer of Permaculture from Australia. In her speech, Rowe shared about how the adoption of Permaculture can help in improving the quality of our land and ecosystem, by eliminating the use of harmful pesticides and chemical-based fertilizers.

On the same day itself, we have also held a Green Market, whereby a number of green enthusiastic vendors and initiatives have come together to sell their products or to advocate their projects. From interesting potted plants, genuine gemstones to innovative green technologies, staff, and students had the opportunity to explore a variety of green-concept products or organizations like never before.

The event was truly eye-opening for all of us. We are very grateful for the way our university is recognizing and supporting the efforts of students and staff in contributing to sustainable development.

Furthermore, by gaining an insight into what people around the nation or even the globe are doing to improve the environment, we believe that we can do the same in our own innovative ways.

Even a small step can create a huge impact. So let’s start striving towards a cleaner, greener and sustainable future for all!




Posted on 12 Jul 2019
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