How to Get Into Your Dream University After SPM?

By Nur Hafiza Abu Bakar | Last modified 28 Feb 2020
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Are you searching for ways to get into your dream university? If your dream university is one of the world’s best universities, you should note that the competition is always high. You might also have to work on some skills to make sure your application wins and beats the rest.

But don’t worry, it’s never impossible! Here are some of the tips you can work out in advance:

1. Get good SPM results

It’s obvious enough that academic achievement is the primary objective you have to achieve. With good exam results, you will be able to secure a spot in your dream university without having to worry about anything else. 

Most prestigious universities require their applications to present excellent exam results. Without good grades, it can be difficult to back your application up. Even more, good results will also allow you to earn a scholarship.

2. Work on your skills

Besides academic, don’t forget that skills also play a major part in helping out your university application. Balance out your profile with these extra ingredients alongside your academic results.

There are a lot of student clubs and societies you can join, which can directly help and improve your technical and soft skills. These extracurricular activities can be a great contribution, not only when you want to apply for universities, but also for long-term effect throughout your life as a student.

If you have something you’re good at, like public speaking, debate or sports, volunteer yourself to represent your school for any competitions. Not to forget writing skills; if you can write well, you will be able to sell yourself well to the university of your dream. Read more books and practise! These are going to help you improve your writing skills.

3. Begin early

Never wait until the last minute. If you already have a dream to get into the world’s best universities, start and act now. Look into the schools you want to go and the programmes you’re interested in. Do the research, find out the requirements and what you can do to get the scholarship they offer.

By doing your research in advance, you can have the time to enhance your resume and make your applications as perfect as possible. If you wait until the last minute, you cannot expect to achieve all the tips above easily.

4. Expand your network

Create and strengthen the connections with your teachers and other mentors. University application usually requires letters of recommendation as a part of its requirements. If you’ve created meaningful and strong relationships with anyone who can best describe your qualities, you can request them to write the recommendation letters for you.

Many of them are in fact willing to recommend you, but first, you have to make yourself known to them. Teachers in class typically notice students who always do their best in class. When you request a recommendation letter from your teachers, they will remember you for your qualities and characteristics. 

5. Show your interests

Prove your interests by putting extra efforts to show that you really want to get into the university. Some universities will participate in the education fairs, so keep yourself updated with any news in case they’re coming to Malaysia for direct student enrollment.

Besides that, you can also get in touch with the current students or alumni who are willing to share their experiences with you. Contact the university admission staff, find out the lecturers of your expected major and ask them any related questions. This can widen your perspective in making the choices.

6. Expand your choices

There is a possibility for you to only have one university choice, but try to expand your options and consider other universities as well. One university may be on the top of your list because it ticks off all your criteria, but other colleges can be included in your top 5 too. 

Every university has its own unique features and strengths. Since university admissions are competitive, it’s best to have backup plans. In case you receive a rejection, you will be less disappointed.

7. Believe in yourself

Last but not least is to put faith in yourself. Stay positive through the application process. Remember that you’re competing with thousands of applicants out there and typically, the admission committees must weigh different aspects to accept the students.

Believe in your strengths and do your best to achieve your goal!

Posted on 28 Feb 2020
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