Five hot courses in Malaysia 2018

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 02 Apr 2018
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Congratulations to all SPM 2017 students, your highschool life has officially ended! You must be wondering what do I do now? There are a huge number of universities in Malaysia and an even bigger number of courses that you can choose from; this can be very beneficial for students but it can also create a lot of confusion and indecisiveness for the students.

If you’re unsure of your own decision, look to yours peers to see what they choose to study, post-SPM. Here is a list of the hot courses in Malaysia along with a brief explanation to help you understand the courses better.


1. Accounting

Accounting degree course, woman calculating with laptop

Studying accounting requires you to be a very detail-oriented person. Imagine keeping a written record of all your spending daily in the university later on and making sure you don’t go over budget or you will have to survive with a maggi cup for the rest of month. Well, once you start working you have to keep a written record of the company cash flow. Are you up for that?

In a business, money will always be flowing in and out and you will be the individual that is in-charge to keep track of the flow. You also have to analyze how can you reduce  costs and gain more profit. Don’t worry though, as you study more you can choose which area of accounting to specialize in such as financial accounting, audit and more.

Wondering why accounting as subject of study comes highly recommended? It is due to there being a lot of opportunity for accounting graduates out there. Every company will need an accountant and there is a new company popping up almost everyday, wouldn’t you agree?

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2. Science, Health & Medicine

Study medicine and health sciences, medical instruments

Probably the dream career for most parents. How many times have you heard, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up” when you were younger? If you are interested to pursue medicine, we applaud you.

Medicine is one of the toughest and longest course for students. Work hours can tend to be time consuming as you might be working long shifts and constantly be on call in case of any emergency. Don’t let that kill your passion though - it may be time and energy consuming but it is also the most rewarding and prestigious of careers.

When it comes to science, there are various field of science that you can explore. You can be a researcher, chemist, biologist and there’s even more choices out there.

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3. Law

Study law, judge's gavel

Law has always been one of the top choices for students. Imagine yourself standing in the courtroom and debating with your opponent. What you may not see here are the countless nights of researching for evidence and searching for loopholes in your case.

Besides all that, being a lawyer does not mean that you will be able to tackle all the many cases out there. You are required to specialize in a certain field. For example, you can be a criminal lawyer and thus be working on crime cases.

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4. Mass Communication & Media

Study Mass Communication and Media, social media facebook youtube twitter

Undeniably one of the courses that have been gaining popularity over the years. Do you like watching television and are curious about how they produce television programs? Wondering who’s behind billboards advertisements splashed across the city? Who handles a company’s social media? Then Mass Communication and Media may be the course for you.

Mass Communication and Media is a big industry that is constantly growing and changing. What you learn during your university year may change in a couple of years because of the growth of Internet platforms and technology. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and constant learning in the future, you can consider Mass Communication and Media as one of your options - it may just be one of the most flexible courses out there.

Your studies may consists of various skills improvement and quite a lot of paperwork if you are taking Diploma. While in Foundation, you will be learning mostly theories and start working on your skills in your Degree years.

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5. Creative Arts and Design

Study Creatives Arts and Design, paints and brushes

Over recent years, there has been a growth in the number of students taking Creative Arts and Design courses. One of the contributing factors of this is the changing mindset of parents, who continue to become more open-minded and encourage their children to pursue non-traditional fields of study.

Creative Arts and Design is a big field. You can be a designer, actor, singer, photographer, videographer - or even a director and producer.

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If you are interested to check out more courses that is available, you can check our complete guide here. Need an extra help to decide which course is the best for you? You can always contact our counsellors that will do their best to find the perfect course that suits you.


Posted on 02 Apr 2018
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