Meet Our Intern!

Ending his three-month run at EasyUni, our intern from the Netherlands, Jelmer van Leer chats about his experience in Malaysia and his time at EasyUni Read more

25 July 2016

Be a Digital Marketer: EasyUni’s Suraj Nongmaithem Tells Us How

Have you ever wondered what Digital Marketers do and how to become one? Let this interview with our Digital Marketing Manager help you find the answers! Read more

06 June 2016

We Dare You: EasyUni Running Man Challenge

Think you got the sick moves to beat the EasyUni team? Here's the chance to prove it. Read more

21 May 2016

What does a Web Programmer actually do?

  As more people rely on the internet to get services and information, the demand for web programmers continue to soar. Web programmers are commonly required in some of the world’s largest economies such as the US, India and China. Employers pay top dollar to web progra... Read more

11 December 2015

What Does a UI/UX Designer Actually Do?

The average person spends about 5 hours online, engaging with different mobile apps and websites. One of those important people behind those beautifully designed apps and websites is a UI/UX designer. But what is it they actually do? Are they like graphic designers? Web develo... Read more

17 November 2015

Nurbek Jusupov: "The Ideas are Great, But in The End It's The Execution That Matters"

Nurbek Jusupov, Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at, Malaysia’s No.1 education site shares with us helpful lessons and insightful advice on what it takes to build a successful startup company. Read more

14 August 2015

What is it Like Studying in Kazakhstan?

If you ask a common person (a student) about their knowledge on Central Asia, most likely you will get a scratch on the head or a clueless face but if you mention Kazakhstan, they would probably say, “I have one classmate from there!”. At this section of Faces @ Easyuni, one o... Read more

08 April 2015

What Is It Like Studying In The Ukraine?

Ever wondered how is it studying in Europe especially in Ukraine? Ukraine is especially famous for it's medical degrees and reason being why international students go there. In this section of Faces@Easyuni, Olga Tsylik, one of our Account Managers spills all.  Read more

01 April 2015

Easyuni's Quan Nguyen Speaks Up About What It's Like Studying In Vietnam

Curious of what studying in Vietnam is like? Easyuni's Quan talks about his student life in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in this feature. Read more

24 March 2015

Indonesians Talk About Their Experience Studying In Malaysia

For most students studying abroad or anyone moving to a different city, the common problem is always the separation from familiarity. Not these guys! Meet our Team members from Indonesia as they talk about their student life here in Malaysia. Read more

13 March 2015