4 Expectations VS Reality of a College Student’s Life

By Nur Azre | Last modified 01 Nov 2019
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Coming to college, students are having a lot of expectations and hope. However, there’s always a big gap between reality and expectation. The main expectations of students about college life are very different from the reality in the aspect of homework, relationship, partying and outfits.

First and foremost, the overload of homework is one of the realities comparing with the expectation of being a college student. Students expect they can enjoy their college life without homework. In fact, the reality of going to a college does not lighten the burden of homework but just even worst. Students have to study harder and spend a longer time compared to the days in high school. Students might have the chance to stuck in the library for a few days to complete their assignments on time.  

Aside from this, students have high expectations about relationships in college life. Students expect that relationships are very free in college life. But, the busyness of college life and activities would cause them to not have adequate time to accompany each other. Moreover, students expect that they have the ability to cover the expenses in the relationship by working part-time jobs. Ironically, the cost in the relationship is higher than their expectations and the students may have to save more money by reducing their daily expenses.

Furthermore, students expect partying is a common activity in college life. Students expect that they have plenty of time to spend in partying with friends. However, students will feel exhausted and tired after finishing their schoolwork and activities. In addition, students are looking forward to having a lot of friends from partying in college. In reality, not everyone is suitable to become our friend and they might have their social circles.

Last but not least, the outfit is also one of the differences in expectations and reality of students’ college life. Students are expected to put on trendy attire to attract others’ attention. In fact, nobody actually cares a lot of others’ attire. Moreover, students expect that they can dress up themselves formally every day. In reality, students didn’t have enough time to groom themselves because of early classes.

Nowadays, students didn’t appreciate their life well because they give high expectations of future life in college. In conclusion, the expectation and reality of students’ life have similarities as well as differences such as homework, outfit limitation, relationship, and partying. 

Posted on 01 Nov 2019
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