Education in Ireland

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 21 Oct 2019
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Here are some quick statistics to look at

international student

From the pie chart above, you can see that students from the United States make up almost 20% of all international students in Ireland at 4415 students. This is followed by China at 11.1% with 2751 students and France at 8.4% with 2092 students. United States, China and France remain to be the leading places of origin of international students in Ireland since the 2010/2011. China sent the most undergraduate (1702) and graduate degree (875) seeking international students to Ireland, while the United States sent the most undergraduate non-degree (743) seeking students.

program in Ireland

To understand the country's outlook in depth, we will look at the most popular fields of study in Ireland. The most popular field of study in Ireland is the field of Humanities, Fine and Applied Arts with 6567 students currently enrolled. Business and Management follows closely behind at 5150 students enrolled. Health & medicine courses remain a popular choice as well, trailing behind Business and Management with 3882 students currently enrolled.

Some of the most famous universities in Ireland include:

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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