8 Things to Ask at Education Fair After Your SPM

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 02 Jan 2020
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After SPM, for most students, attending education fairs and university exhibitions are popular choices.

These events are designed to connect university representatives with college-seeking students. It’s one of the fastest and most comprehensive ways to get a ton of information about all things university - application processes, courses offered, requirements, costs, student life, etc - for your preferred university.

You can ask questions to numerous colleges all at once place, and get feedback immediately. Certainly, it is a much easier way compared to visiting individual universities one after another.

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So, how do you make the most of your visit to these fairs? You’d definitely want to speak directly with university representatives or current students to get a balanced view from both an academic viewpoint as well student perspective.

Sure, you’ll probably have lots of questions and not know what to ask. Don’t freak out! Keep calm and prepare a simple checklist of questions you plan to ask the university rep. Here are a few tips for you to stay on track!

Don’t feel strange to ask questions like “Is dyed hair allowed?” or “Is smoking allowed on campus?”. There are no such things as stupid questions. It’s better for you fully know to make the important decision of what and where to study.

It might come out as a serious problem if you’ll break such campus rules that you may not be aware of. And you don’t want that to happen, right? So enter the room and start a conversation with “Hi, my name is …can I ask some questions..”.

Go ahead, be fearless.

If you are still clueless and not sure what to ask, below are the important questions you can shoot to shoot at the fair:

1. What are the university's qualifications and requirements?

This is probably the most important question to ask. If you already have your desired university to apply in mind, you can find out whether the university is going to attend the fair or not.

Be sure to keep your heads up as well because every university will typically give out booklets or brochures regarding the application.

However, before asking them questions, it is better for you to do your own research beforehand so that you already have some basic ideas regarding the qualifications and requirements for the application.

Just jot down some notes in your book on the details and if there are some info that you are not clear about, you can ask the university representatives can answer your questions on the spot.

2. Does the university offer the major that I'm interested in?

Although we always hear students get confused about what course or programme to pursue after SPM, there are also a big number of students who know what their interests are. 

Be it accounting, business, engineering, health & medicine, law, computer science and more, these courses are all offered for you! 

If you already have decided which course you want to major, you can ask them other subquestions like:

  • What are the subjects taught for the programme?
  • Can I minor in another course?
  • What are the careers I can get into with a background in this field?

Don't waste your time on a university that does not offer the course that you want. It can save much of your time.

3. Why should I apply to the university?

Getting into one of the best universities is every student's dream. Not only it will be good for your future employment opportunity, but it will also be beneficial in terms of educational approach practised by the university.

Every university has different ways of delivering the syllabus. The academic staff that university offers can also give a great impact on the students.

You might want to listen to the university representatives list down all the good qualities on why you should apply to their university. This will give you initial exposure before you send in your application.

4. What are the facilities offered and is the hostel provided?

Comfortable learning environment leads to the best outcome.

Finding out about the facilities like labs, library, student centre, recreation centre, residential halls and more are important for your learning experience.

You need to create the best student life on campus. With great facilities, you will be able to have a full and fun university experience which will also help you succeed academically.

If you live in another state, but your choice of university is located out of the state, you might want to know whether they offer hostels for the students. Ask away and you can also know how much it will cost per semester.

5. What kind of curricular activities available?

I think you've probably heard that besides performing good in academic, being active in curricular activities can also add up your qualities and skills upon graduation.

Ask the university what are the activities you can participate at the university. Some of the examples could be joining a debate, music, public speaking or martial art club.

If you have the leadership, you can be a part of the students' representative council for the university.

6. What is the best course taught at the university?

Knowing the top course taught by the university matters as you will be able to know what the university specialises in. 

Although there are some niche universities available in Malaysia, you can google up and do a little bit of research before inquiring this question.

It will be better if your interest matches with the university's best-taught course.

7. How can I improve my application in order to get into the university?

Found your dream university? It's time to work hard on how you can improve your application to the next level!

Getting accepted into a university is definitely an ultimate goal to achieve, especially if to receive an offer letter from your first university choice.

At the fair, you can go to the university's booth, ask them the tips for you to make your application better. First-hand answers will be super helpful for you and they will help increase your chance of getting accepted.

8. Are there bursaries and scholarships available?

Most students keep their eagle eyes on for scholarship opportunities. So this question should not be missed from your list!

Ask the university if scholarships are offered and what are the requirements to be eligible for it? Graduating with flying colours while paying lesser or not paying at all, doesn't this attract you at all? Take the opportunity to ask as detailed as you can!

While we only limit this post to 8 questions, feel free share to share other questions students can ask at the Education Fair. We hope this post helps you in a way. 

Good luck and have fun at the fair! 

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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